eddieCOur School

King Edward Public School opened in 1885 as Agnes Street Public School.  A new wing was added to the school in 1962-1963.  King Edward Public School is located at 709 King Street West in Kitchener at the corner of King and Agnes Streets.  Our school serves the northern downtown area of the City of Kitchener.

School Mission Statement:

We strive to make King Edward Public School a secure, inviting, nurturing place

where all individuals can build self-esteem and be inspired to grow

to their full emotional, social and academic potential.

Our Students

King Edward Public School is home to approximately 330 students from over 30 countries.  Seventeen different languages are spoken by students in our school.  Graduates from King Edward go to Margaret  Avenue Senior Public School or Courtland Senior Public School.  Most of our students walk to school with approximately 110 students riding the school bus each day.

Our Staff

We have a highly qualified staff of teachers, and Early Childhood Educators whose focus is developing a well-rounded child, both in and out of the classroom setting.  Our teaching staff is supported by 7 Educational Assistants, a Child and Youth Worker, a principal, vice principal, a secretary, a library clerk and three custodians.

Parents and Community

The parents of this community are very supportive of the school.  This is evident in the number of parents who regularly volunteer at King Edward.  Our School Council meets on the second Tuesday in September, November, January, March, and May.  School Council supports school initiatives and policies in an advisory capacity.  Many items are discussed including fundraising, school and staff initiatives and community issues.  This group works closely with the school to make it a welcoming place for our students every day.

The school council organizes special events for students each year including the Bike Rodeo and Bubble Day. These events are often highlights of the year.

Academic Programs and Special Education Programs

In addition to the regular academic program, King Edward offers students opportunities to participate in our Early Literacy Program and our Strong Start program.  Our Early Literacy Program provides intensive support to some students in senior kindergarten and grade 1 who are experiencing difficulty developing literacy skills.  Our Empower Program supports a few students in grade 2 or 3. We also have the Strong Start program which is run by community volunteers to provide young students with literacy support.  This program is sponsored by the Rotary Club and managed by our early literacy teacher.
At King Edward, we offer academic support to students in a variety of ways through differentiated programming within the classroom.  Our special education teacher supports this programming through consultation with staff, students, and parents.

English as a Second Language Program

Did you know that Einstein was an ESL student!  This reminds all of us of the amazing abilities that reside beyond the temporary silence of a newcomer to English.  Here at KingEdwardPublic School we foster the accelerated development of English Language Learners in a variety of ways, and encourage our entire school population to have a global perspective.

At King Edward, every child quickly learns that people are valuable regardless of their differences, and that these differences bring variety, experience, and texture to all of our lives.  Our students hear a variety of languages spoken on the playground, and see that skin comes in many colours.  They listen to stories of life in other countries told in person by the children who lived there, and begin to understand and appreciate what an amazing country Canada is.

Supporting ESL learners is a team effort that involves our administrative team, our teachers, our students, parents, volunteers, and outside agencies.  We work with community organizations to help new families understand the Ontario school system. All of our students participate in welcoming and helping newcomers.

The ESL program at King Edward supports students in developing vocabulary, oral language skills, and literacy. Students benefit from contextualized reading and writing development that is based in communicative oral language tasks. In this way, our ESL students develop both the ability to express themselves with growing competence, and the ability to read and write meaningfully. The ESL program accelerates natural language acquisition, and we are often amazed at how quickly students acquire basic speaking and literacy skills.

Our goal is to also support students beyond basic English development so that they reach their academic potential.   Our classroom teachers understand the needs of ESL students and accommodate these children with key visuals, modified work, peer helpers, and volunteers. Understanding and supporting ESL students is a community effort and a privilege that we enjoy here at King Edward Public School.

Safe Schools Initiatives

King Edward Public School or KEPS abides by the “KEPS” philosophy that the students are well versed in.  Kindness, Effort, Problem Solving, and Respect are focused on here at KEPS on a daily basis. 

Classroom Organization

King Edward currently has an enrolment of approximately 330 students.  There are three sections of kindergarten. The school services students in grades JK to Grade 6.

Facilities and Resources

King Edward Public School is located in a busy downtown area.  Despite its downtown location King Edward has two playground areas.  The first area, our upfield, is used by primary students during the recess break.  This area is a paved area with a creative playground and several painted tarmac games.  It also has a unique forest area with pathways, rocks and benches for the children to explore in.  Our School Council has been absolutely invaluable in creating and maintaining a wonderful area, not only for our children to play in but for our community to congregate in.

The second playground area, our downfield, is located across the street and is used by our junior students.  Our staff crosses our junior students safely to the downfield each day.   This area has a large playing field for soccer and other games, several basketball nets, four square courts and a creative playground.

The school structure consists of the original school which has three floors and the addition which has two floors and houses the office area.

School Success Plans and Initiatives

Our area of focus in our school success plan aligns with the Board focus on improving student achievement in mathematics.

We understand that all children do not express their thinking in the same way.  We use the strengths of each child to provide them with the strategies and tools they need to achieve their goals.  Our staff works in a collaborative manner to assess student achievement and set goals related to the outcomes.